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Centru RMN Telescan - Scopul Investigatiei

Purpose of MRI Investigation

MRI is performed to diagnose certain conditions such as tumors, bleeding, lesions, vascular damage and infection.

Centru RMN Telescan - Scopul Investigatiei Detalii
Centru RMN Telescan - Mod de pregatire

Module of Preparation

patient choices about drugs, dye used does not contain iodine, if there is a history of allergy to contrast dye used for MRI is recommended ...

Centru RMN Telescan - Mod de Pregatire Detalii
Centru RMN Telescan - Efectuarea Testelor

MRI Testing

MRI is usually performed by a specialist doctor in magnetic resonance, pictures will be interpreted by a radiologist, also other doctors ...

Centru RMN Telescan - Efectuarea Testelor Detalii
Centru RMN Telescan - Rezultate

MRI Results

Magnetic resonance imaging is a test that uses a magnetic field and radiofrequency pulses to view the image various organs and tissues ...

Centru RMN Telescan - Rezultate


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Adresa: Str. Intrarea Neptun nr.3
Telefon: +40 (0) 256 202 728
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Centru RMN Telescan

A few words

Exploration of whole-body MRI using a General Electric appliance art and using advanced scanning techniques. It suggested that there contract with the Health Insurance Timis.