MRI Testing

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MRI Testing

Before performing MRI specialist physician should be consulted if:

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Purpose of MRI Investigation

MRI is performed to diagnose certain conditions such as tumors, bleeding, lesions, vascular damage and infection.

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Module of Preparation

patient choices about drugs, dye used does not contain iodine, if there is a history of allergy to contrast dye used for MRI is recommended ...

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MRI Testing

MRI is usually performed by a specialist doctor in magnetic resonance, pictures will be interpreted by a radiologist, also other doctors ...

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MRI Results

Magnetic resonance imaging is a test that uses a magnetic field and radiofrequency pulses to view the image various organs and tissues ...

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MRI is usually performed by specialist medical MRI, pictures will be interpreted by a radiologist, also, other doctors are able to perform an MRI.

The patient will remove all metal objects (such as hearing devices, dentures, any jewelry, watch and hairpins) from the body because of the risk that these items will be attracted by the magnet used for the test, if patient suffered an accident or if working with metal, it is possible to produce metal fragments in the cephalic region in eyes, on skin or spine of an X-ray is recommended that before performing MRI to determine if test can be performed.

The patient will have to completely undress depending on the area that is made (in some cases patients may retain some clothing, if not uncomfortable). Use a patient gown throughout the test period. If permitted storage of clothing, the patient will have to empty your pockets of any coins or cards (eg credit cards or ATM cards), magnetic tape by MRI can be printed as demagnetize. Patient during the test will cover the device back on the table, which represents scanner device. Head, thorax and limbs can be fixed with some straps to keep the patient still. Mass will slip inside a device that contains the magnet. A ring-shaped device can be placed over or around the region that will be scanned. Certain types of MRI (called open MRI) are built around the body is beneficial that the magnet does not completely.

Some patients become agitated (claustrofobicii) inside the MRI magnet. If the patient can not maintain its position Stet will be given a sedative medication to relax. Open system devices may be useful for claustrophobic patients.
Inside the scanner, the patient will hear a fan and feel air moving. Also, one can hear various noises that are the result of scanning.

Some devices shows headphones or ear plugs to reduce the noise. It is very important that the patient not move during scanning. Also the patient will be asked to hold their breath for short periods of time. During the test, the patient will be closed for scanning room, but your doctor will monitor the patient through a transparent window.

The patient can communicate through a microphone.
If necessary use a contrast agent, it will be administered to the patient's arm peripheral veins. Dye will be administered 1 to 2 minutes. Then I make a series of cliches. An MRI usually takes 30 to 60 minutes, but may be extended to two hours.

What does the patient feel

Magnetic field or radio frequency waves used by the device does not cause pain. Mass which extends the patient can be tough, and the room can be cold. The patient may be frightened or annoyed if you need to maintain its position still. If dye is used, may appear cold or heat sensation during insertion venous substance level.

In rare cases, can occur:

- tingling in the mouth if the patient shows dentition Metal

- heating zone is examined, this is normal, your doctor should be informed if there is nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, pain or difficulty breathing


- test results can sometimes be different from others because they were made earlier in different medical centers or that previous tests are not available to be compared with the new test.

- MRI is a reliable test, which visualize the structures and organs, is more expensive than other methods and may not be available in certain regions.

- Open MRI device is constructed so that it does not completely surround the patient, but this type of MRI is not available in all medical centers, they are useful for claustrophobic or obese patients

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Exploration of whole-body MRI using a General Electric appliance art and using advanced scanning techniques. It suggested that there contract with the Health Insurance Timis.