Preparing for MRI testing

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Preparing for MRI testing

Before performing MRI specialist physician should be consulted if:

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Purpose of MRI Investigation

MRI is performed to diagnose certain conditions such as tumors, bleeding, lesions, vascular damage and infection.

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Module of Preparation

patient choices about drugs, dye used does not contain iodine, if there is a history of allergy to contrast dye used for MRI is recommended ...

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MRI Testing

MRI is usually performed by a specialist doctor in magnetic resonance, pictures will be interpreted by a radiologist, also other doctors ...

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MRI Results

Magnetic resonance imaging is a test that uses a magnetic field and radiofrequency pulses to view the image various organs and tissues ...

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Your should inform your doctor before making MRI test if:

- patient is allergic to drugs, contrast material used does not contain iodine, if there is a history of allergy to contrast dye used for MRI, medical information specialist is recommended before the test, the test can sometimes benefits exceed its risks
- the patient is or isn't pregnant

- If the patient has a pacemaker installed, artificial members, metal rods or any kind of metal fixed in the body (especially the eye), metal heart valves, metal clips in the brain, metal implants in the ear or the eyebrows or any implants or medical prostheses (eg pump injectometru) also should notify their physician if the patient works with metals or if recently underwent surgery on blood vessels, in some cases performing MRI is contraindicated

- If the patient experiences an intrauterine device (IUD), this may contraidica testing

- if the patient becomes agitated in closed places (limited), the patient must remain motionless inside the MRI magnet or there is another type of open MRI with the configuration, it is not as restricted as classical devices, the patient may require administration of drugs for relief

- if you experience kidney or other diseases like sickle cell, which can perform an MRI contraindications to contrast dye

- if you experience any patch because MRI can cause burning in the region

The patient will sign a document and understand the risks of performing MRI agrees to perform the test. We recommend discussing with your doctor about the need for the test, its risks, how the significance of possible results.
It is recommended that patients be accompanied by someone, in case medications are administered sedatives. If it performs an abdominal MRI, the patient will not eat and drink fluids several hours before testing.


- test results can sometimes be different from others because they were made earlier in different medical centers or that previous tests are not available to be compared with the new test.

- MRI is a reliable test, which visualize the structures and organs, is more expensive than other methods and may not be available in certain regions.

- Open MRI device is constructed so that it does not completely surround the patient, but this type of MRI is not available in all medical centers, they are useful for claustrophobic or obese patients

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Exploration of whole-body MRI using a General Electric appliance art and using advanced scanning techniques. It suggested that there contract with the Health Insurance Timis.